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The Game, by Daniel Kulvicki

November 17, 2016 / Gamification, Indexes, Stocks

I remember when I was 11 (I think) years old and I saw my father looking at the list of stocks in our daily newspaper. It was a TON of stock price information spanning three pages of the business section. As I was completely confused as to why my father would read these pages for several minutes at a time, I asked him “Why are stocks so important to you”? He replied, “They are the heartbeat of the economy son. Plus, if you have enough money; you can take part in the actual American economy yourself.” That conversation thus started the family paper trading game. Because of that game, I ended up learning and following all of my favorite “soon to be super famous” tech companies and leaders.

Now that I have something in my pocket that essentially has more computing power than all of NASA back in 1969 did, I and most of the world today have endless amounts of information at our beck and call. Even with this information, 70% of Millennials are still leaving most of their money in savings and making almost zero returns. Why don’t they use that savings to invest in our or other global economies? Is the market not fun to play? With the advent of some trading applications offering “free” trades, why don’t more people at least experiment?

There are actually quite a few apps/websites now that allow a person to do what I did when I was 11 but without the hassle of keeping track of all the data myself. Also, there are plenty of apps that provide a way to track either your personal or someone else’s stock watch lists for free. Many people have also told me that the stock market is the best game out there. A lot of those people are even addicted to it. On top of that, I had a very prominent investor tell me “I think the market is the game not simulation”. I agree that the market is the ultimate game. But, who wants to put skin (and usually you need to put a lot) in this game when it is one of the hardest games that has ever existed?

Because of these looming questions, my co-founder and I created Copper Street. We tell people that it is the street in between Main Street and Wall Street. It is our attempt to gamify the stock market in order to help train someone interested in participating in the global economy. I know, I know. This has been done before. Although, I feel that every company that has attempted to do this has lost their way by not providing a truly educational platform. None have also combined that with a gaming platform as well.

We want everyone to learn how our economy works as well as take the leap into helping drive it. There is still A LOT of money (try a trillion dollars in the US alone) that still can be moved to fund some of our favorite big and small companies in order to help them bring about the next technical leap or help make our lives better. It just needs to be fun.


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