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Introducing Copper Street

The days of handing your hard-earned money off to the “big boys” are over with our new mobile trading platform. Our app uses gamification, stock fractions, and social components to make market education — and making money— easier and more fun.

Now in Beta on the Apple App Store!

Main Street vs Wall Street

Smaller firms and individual investors play a minor role in the markets. “Main Street” investors have little guidance and are often forced to leave their finances in the hands of the Wall Street players and global banks. But more and more, individuals are wanting to take control of their own finances. Yet without proper education or a “practice” tech platform, they’re likely to incur real losses before seeing the light.

Replacing Fear with Fun

It’s about time small investors had a platform of their own. Copper Street bridges the gap between Main Street and Wall Street with our fun, educational, and social trading platform. With no entry fees required, anyone can be trading like a pro with our fully-mobile simulator app. Gamifying our platform — and in a sense, the stock market — allows our users to effortlessly learn the intricacies of trading without feeling overwhelmed.

Play—With a Payday

Our simulator app has an addictive gaming and social aspect that encourages investors to learn from each other through fun competitions, and rewards. But we don’t stop there. Once they feel comfortable, users can then switch their accounts over to real mode, where they can trade actual stocks under the same unique structure for a very low price — taking control of their investment finances.

Rich Experience, Rich Features

A shared learning experience that lets you connect with your peers and teammates

Real Time
Up to the minute stock quotes and key Indices and the latest market news

Rich Info
Detailed company info, historic trends and prices all in one place

Solo or Team Play
Interactive game play and competitive challenges for both individuals and teams

Our Partners

Now in Beta on the Apple App Store!

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